Transporting is a HUGE factor when it comes to Dog Rescue in the United States. Without volunteers, transport coordinators, and Rescues the Dog Rescue Community would not be as successful as it is today. Countless hours are spent coordinating how dogs are to be transferred to other Rescues and adopters throughout the United States. Without this major group of contributors, we as a community would not be what we are today!

When it comes to transporting, we are always looking for individuals that are available to drive dogs 60-90 minutes one-way. What this means is that a volunteer transport is set-up with specific "legs" to get a dog(s) from Point A to Point B. In our community, that usually means from Hickory to Asheville, Hickory to Winston-Salem, Hickory to Charlotte, or Hickory to Greensboro. From there, the Hickory driver then passes the dog(s) off to the next "leg" who then drives another 60-90 minutes. The process continues on until the dog(s) are transported/delivered to the final destination of the Rescue/Foster Home/Forever Home. There are many paid transports that will pick up numerous dogs and drive them to their final destination. However, even though most of them are very reputable and trustworthy, volunteer transports allow Rescues to not have to spend the funds to get the dog to their Rescue and use those funds for other essential items in their Rescue.