About Us

Hartman’s Haven Dog Rescue is a dog rescue that pulls from local kill shelters in North Carolina. We do this so the animals do not get euthanized and get a second chance at life. We have in the past, in the present, and intend to in the future foster these animals locally until they get adopted, temporarily foster them until they find a rescue in another state to take them, and/or run dog transports for other non-profit rescues throughout the United States.

Our mission is to make our community a better place for animals and in return give people the wonderful everlasting companionship of a loving dog. Our strategic focus areas to accomplish this include: helping the dogs in the county animal control facilities and adopting them into caring, responsible homes; providing education to the community; endeavoring to reduce animal overpopulation; and serving as an advocate for animals and being their voice. We continuously strive to promote dogs as being members of the family, not property.

The activity is conducted mainly by Crystal and Justin Hartman. However, throughout the past year we have found others in the area to foster and transport animals with us. In 2013, of the approximately 5,524 dogs and cats that were moved from Catawba County Animal Control, Hartman’s Haven Dog Rescue was responsible for pulling, placing, moving, and/or fostering 1,513 of these 5,524 canines and felines. On average we are rescuing 126+ animals a month from the local kill shelters.

For those who are new to the activity of animal rescue, it is conducted on a daily basis through e-mail, phone, and through actual driving of the dogs. We primarily pull dogs from within the state of North Carolina. However, we have been involved in transporting dogs in Virginia, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, New York, West Virginia, Michigan, Tennessee, Ohio, Indiana, & Connecticut. Many of the dogs in North Carolina are moved to the Mid-West and North-East due to the lack of overpopulation and the laws these states have in place regarding animals.